Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership

The EIT, as a body of the European Union and integral part of Horizon Europe, plays a significant role in supporting the EU’s objectives of creating sustainable economic growth and jobs, and contributes further to public and private sectors, at national and regional level, to produce an effective response to gender inequality.

Since December 2016 a series of actions have been taken by the institute to enhance its path towards an effective response to gender mainstreaming, culminating in 2020 with the adoption of the EIT’s Gender Mainstreaming Policy.

Enhancing digital and entrepreneurship skills among girls:

The European Commission, through the Digital Education Action Plan, supports technology-use and digital competence development in education. The EIT welcomes the adoption of the Digital Education Action Plan and plans to contribute to the implementation of its Action 8 Training in digital and entrepreneurial skills for girls.

More info: https://eit.europa.eu/women-entrepreneurship-and-leadership

29 de September de 2023

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